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  • NSYNC - Custom - Diamond Painting Kit (50x75cm) - iSTHEL
  • NSYNC - Custom - Diamond Painting Kit (50x75cm) - iSTHEL
  • NSYNC - Custom - Diamond Painting Kit (50x75cm) - iSTHEL
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NSYNC - Custom DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit (50x75cm)

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These NEW Generation Diamond Paint Kits are perfect for beginner to advanced artists looking for a challenge. Our carefully curated collection provides a printed adhesive art canvas featuring beautifully detailed outlines of the composition with each color indicated with a symbol or number. Start painting your masterpiece today!  


💜 RELAXING AND FUN–   Painting with these diamond painting kits could be very amusing and relaxing. The pleasure of creating a stunning work of art is beyond description. It will help you to relax and decrease stress in your leisure time.
💜 EASY AND ENJOYABLE – You don't need to have any basic skill of painting to do this. Follow the patterns provided to create a unique work of art!

💜 FUN GROUP ACTIVITY –  Share the fun of painting with your family or friends. Doing something creative together helps a lot in connecting people. It can help to enhance the relationship between parents and kids, husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend and your friends when painted together.

💜 UNIQUE GIFT IDEA – iSTHEL PREMIUM Diamond Painting is a unique gift idea for Christmas, New Year, Birthdays or other occasions. It's suitable for both young and adult.



    • Printed HD canvas with a pattern of your chosen design
    • New generation Round / Square Diamond Resins with different labeled colors separated in each bag
    • Pen applicator, plastic tray and tweezers all included in the box




    Why buy iSTHEL PREMIUM Diamond Painting?

    • We make NEW Generation High-quality Diamond Resins. Our round drills have up to 26 facets and our square drills contain up to 13-15 facets for a great sparkling effect.
    • We use an HD canvas with strong adhesive. We make sure we only give the best quality for our customers. 
    • We put an extra 20%-30% of diamond drills in every pack.
    • Most importantly, whatever happens to your diamond painting kit, e.g. lost diamond drills or damaged canvas etc., We got you covered! Don't hesitate to email us so we can assist you.