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Moon Sea - PREMIUM 5D DIY Diamond Painting - Full Round Drill

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Moon Sea - PREMIUM 5D DIY Diamond Painting - Full Round Drill

Create your own dazzling art piece. This marvelous kit comes with everything you need to finish your own art project.
Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment watching this vivid piece come to life before your very eyes. Let the stress and worries melt away as you paint with diamonds.
Diamond paintings can help reduce stress, trains your brain to focus and a fun and relaxing thing to do!



The canvas, diamond drills and all tools will be packed into a box.


Why buy iSTHEL PREMIUM Diamond Painting?

  • We produce high-quality Diamond Drills. Our round drills have up to 26 facets and our square drills contain up to 13 facets for a great sparkling effect.
  • We use an HD canvas with strong adhesive. We make sure we only give the best quality for our customers. 
  • We put an extra 20%-30% of diamond drills in every pack.
  • Most importantly, whatever happens to your diamond painting kit, e.g. lost diamond drills or damaged canvas etc., We got you covered! Don't hesitate to email us so we can assist you.